Combination Lock

CombinationLock provides math games in which you use logic and computer generated clues to work out how to open a combination lock.
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Combination Lock

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Free math games  -  Can you open the lock?

combination lock combination lock combination lock

To Play...

Enter your answer by clicking on the numbers or typing it into the box. Use the clues below.
Then click the 'Try' button or in the silver loop. The lock will open if you are correct.
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   Add a Clue
-All digits are the same
-The digits total 12
 A B C 
Input 3 digit answer


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  CombinationLock provides math games in which you use the clues to work out the combination of a lock in order to open it. The answers and the clues to the number games are computer generated and completely random (except the home page math puzzle which is fixed). The Practice area is for practising the different puzzle types. Solo Play games unlock as you complete each one. Your best times for these number games are displayed in the Hi Scores area. Math and logic games with fun themes can be entertaining leisure activities. Some other fun online games are arcade mini games, crossword puzzles, and sudoku puzzles - many other games at  


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