Frequently asked questions for these free math games


Why doesn't clicking on the numbers change the lock?
This web site uses JavaScript to control the lock. Make sure your browser has scripting enabled.

Why aren't my Practice times remembered?
This web site uses cookies to store your practice times. Make sure your browser has cookies enabled. (What are cookies?)

How do I change my sign-in name?
Click here to sign out. Then enter the name you require.

In which time zone is 'Today'?
This web site runs on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which is PST+8 hours or EST+5 hours.

How do I become a 'Master Player'?
Once you have completed Solo Play game J you will become a 'Master Player'.

Is there a time limit for the Solo Play games?
Yes, you have 30 minutes to complete each game.

Why do I see a warning about slow server response time?
The multiplayer feature will assume you have quit if it are unable to communicate with the server. This may happen if the server or your local network is particularly busy.

Why are these fun math games free?
Because we love sharing our ideas and games - the more people that play our games the happier we are (and we do sometimes make a little money when the ads are clicked on!).


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