Choose a lock size and difficulty level

Reels Standard Puzzle Hard Puzzle Crazy Puzzle
2Play   (Not Done)Play   (Not Done)Play   (Not Done)
3Play   (Not Done)Play   (Not Done)Play   (Not Done)
4Play   (Not Done)Play   (Not Done)Play   (Not Done)
5Complete all 4 reel puzzles to unlock 5 reel puzzles
6Complete all 5 reel puzzles to unlock 6 reel puzzles


  Standard Puzzle - The solution to this logic puzzle is the only answer possible from the clues given. Has 'Add a Clue' feature which adds clues without a time penalty.  
  Hard Puzzle - As per the Standard Puzzle, but without the 'Add a Clue' feature.  
  Crazy Puzzle - Some harder clues, and the solution may not be the only answer that fits them. Some trial, error and logic may be needed in these lock games!  
  Note - Your best Practice times are only stored on your computer.
  To compete for World and United States Hi Scores, play Solo Play.  


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